Our passion

Agro-Energiek is a family business based in Zomergem near Ghent that operates in the agriculture and renewable energy sectors. We produce green energy, green heat and organic fertilisers operating an agricultural biogas plant.

Our operational process

We use high-quality standards during our production process. Our experience, passion and certificates guarantee a transparent process with continuous monitoring and customer-focused end products as our goals.

Processing manure and organic waste

Agro-Energiek processes manure and organic waste to produce green energy and nutrients for agriculture and horticulture. If you want to process a specific residual stream or manure type, please contact us and we can study the possibilities together.

Our end products

Agro-Energiek offers six end products: coarse or thin fraction vegetable digestate, coarse animal digestate, loose pelletised dried digestate and ammonium sulphate. We determine the ideal processing technology based on the end product customers require. Tailor-made manure and quality guarantee are always given the highest priority within this context.