Agro-Energiek processes manure and organic waste to produce green energy and nutrients for agriculture and horticulture.

Manure processing

We process both solid and liquid manure types at our plant. Please contact our business managers for more information about our processing prices.

Manure types

  • pig manure on straw but not on wood shavings or flaxstraw
  • cattle farm manure on straw but not on wood shavings or flaxstraw
  • thick fraction cow manure
  • thick fraction pig manure
  • pig slurry
  • cattle slurry

Our strengths

  • very competitive processing and transport prices
  • flexible and fast deployable manure transport equipped with AGR-GPS
  • correct and timely administrative processing of the manure sales documents (in Dutch MADs)
  • timely and guaranteed allocation of manure processing certificates

Organic waste processing

We can process liquid, sludge and solid streams at our company site. The input streams may be of vegetable or animal origin. The end product is sanitised and therefore we also process animal by-products on one of our processing lines. This concerns category 2 and category 3 animal by-products but NEVER category 1 by-products.

Important principles

When accepting the organic waste streams from the agri/food industry, we pay much attention to specific principles:

  • traceability: appropriate insight into the creation, storage, transport and involved people
  • vlarema compliance
  • free from impurities
  • low sulphur content
  • low salt content
  • ideal N/P content of our input mix
  • price/quality

If you are a trader, collector or producer who wants to process a specific residual stream, please contact us and we can study the possibilities together.


  • Supply and disposal times: Mondays to Fridays from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. but not on Saturdays, Sundays or public holidays.
  • Always ask about our supply and discharge routes and mobility plan with regard to specific agreements!
  • Manure processing: you must have taken a sample on the delivery day at the latest with regard to the manure to be processed in order to determine the nitrogen and phosphor levels. An analysis result must not be older than three months. The sample date counts in order to have manure processed at a processing plant.