About us

Agro-Energiek bvba is a family business based in Zomergem near Ghent that operates in the agriculture and renewable energy sectors. We produce green energy, green heat and organic fertilisers operating an agricultural biogas system.

Producer of renewable energy

We contribute daily to achieving the Flemish goals of getting more energy from renewable sources by 2030 by producing green energy and heat. We do our bit in this way to become less dependent on scarce and ever more expensive imported energy types such as coal and natural gas.

Biogas, a reliable energy source as an alternative

Energy from biogas digestion forms a great supplement to solar and wind energy. We ensure that lights continue to burn even when there is no sun or wind by guaranteeing a continuous production. Thanks to biogas we create a safe energy source that ensures that we can phase out nuclear energy gradually. We also contribute through biogas technology to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by generating heat and electricity simultaneously. Therefore, great energy with attention paid to the future of the next generations!

Did you know that Agro-energiek bvba produces electricity annually that matches the consumption of just under 5000 families?

Did you know that by generating electricity and heat simultaneously with the combined heat and power motors instead of each separately through non-renewable technologies, Agro-energiek bvba reduces CO2 emissions equivalent to that produced by 10,000 passenger cars per year?

Did you know that 1 MW in power through biogas is the same as 10 MW in power produced through wind with regard to both green energy production and CO2 savings in relation to the climate. Did you know that Agro-energiek bvba exploits around 2.2 MW of installed power.

Enhancing the value of manure and residual streams

To arrive at biogas production, Agro-Energiek processes manure and waste streams that come from the agricultural and agri-food industries. We enhance the value of these organic residual streams to produce end products ready for export. By producing products rich in humus and nutrient elements for plants and crops, we ensure the cycle is complete. We also offer a strong alternative with this for the arable farmer and horticulturist to replace expensive and energy devouring fertilisers!

Our arable farm activity

We mainly grow maize species specifically developed for an optimum energy production as well as potatoes within our company with the arable farm branch. We use them as the permanent basis for our digestion menu. We can experience the properties and great results of the digestate products ourselves and adjust this when required through our arable farm activity. The agricultural material that we use for this can also be deployed at other farmers’ locations.